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Sustain is a small, student-run vegetable production farm which seeks to model solutions for existing and future farmers. Sustain falls under the essential service of Agriculture, with focus on food-securlty and climate emergency reversal.

Sustain’s vision is to become a hub of students, teachers, research, industry and community toward a sustainable future. We want to become knowledgeable in the types of farming most prevalent in Nova Scotia, use that knowledge to take risks at an institutional level, and provide the results to our farmers/producers free of charge.

Since 2021 Sustain has consisted of a 2/3-acre plot, a 17 x 48’ greenhouse, a student farm lead, and 3 student interns. By 2023, we have our goals set on the installation of a 30’ x 102’ Climate Battery Greenhouse, which will enable real-world experimentation in year-round, low-carbon footprint vegetable production.

Climate Battery Greenhouse

Given the state of our climate we need to be testing sustainable solutions in agriculture, and this is where Cultiv8's Climate Battery Greenhouse comes in

The greenhouse captures the solar energy during the warm months and stores it as a thermal mass in the soil below the greenhouse.

This enables the soil and air temperature of the greenhouse to maintain high enough temperatures to grow food all year round without additional energy expenditure.

This greenhouse enables student interns to explore food production in a low-energy expending wintertime and shoulder-season environment. We need to be testing sustainable options in agriculture.

The results of testing vegetable production in this climate battery greenhouse benefit the farmers of Nova Scotia as we strive to attain a sustainable, food-secure province.

Our Students

Sustain works to enable student interns to utilize theory in an applied setting, cementing their learnings in a real-world application. It also provides opportunities for students to conduct their honours experiments on site as part of their internship if they choose to pursue an honors degree.

 Sustain offers students experience with vegetable horticulture, entrepreneurship, and opportunities to witness the power of community donation via regular giving to the Colchester Food Bank and United Way. The farm also offers students, professors and instructors an on-site, live case study to utilize as a classroom tool. 

Our Community

Sustain wants to welcome and encourage the community to visit the farm, to purchase produce from the Cultiv8 Farm Stand, and to interact with our student interns.

 Sustain wants to explore real-world food-secure farm experiences with local elementary school children so they can learn about where their food comes from and what gets it from market to table.

Our Partners

Sustain has paired with a number of different partners. Learn more about each one below.


Dalhousie Agricultural Campus



United Way

Colchester County Food Bank

TD Bank




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