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Student Jobs

Student Jobs

Student Summer Job Applications are closed for the season - however, if you are interested in a future job with Cultiv8, take a look at the description below for future years - and connect with Cultiv8 to show your interest!

Sustain by Cultiv8 Student Intern Job Description 

Cultiv8’s student interns work outside at the Sustain by Cultiv8 farm for 35 hours per week. The job usually lasts for 16 weeks (Early May until Late August), with opportunities to work part-time during the fall once classes are back in session. 

Growing veggies and flowers, selling them to customers, hosting occasional tours/activities, working on a topic of special interest, having fun with applied learning!

Job Requirements 

While experience in vegetable farming is an asset and education in plant science or equivalent is helpful, neither are requirements for applying. Most important components of a successful candidate are: 

  • Collaborative attitude – always trying to make the team more dynamic 
  • Timeliness – showing up on time and working hard 
  • Willingness and desire to learn -  
  • Professionalism – being courteous, helpful, and welcoming to others 
  • Openness to do what needs to be done 
  • Ability to do regular labour work including occasional lifting of up to 40 lbs (18 kgs).


The following certifications are required to work on Dalhousie Campus, and training may be available through the job (ask about this during your interview): 

  • Basic First Aid 
  • Occupational Health and Safety 
  • WHMIS 

Key Responsibilities 

Under mentorship from the Farm Coordinator (occasionally the Cultiv8 Manager), Student interns will participate in the following: 

  • Seeding, transplanting, tending, harvesting, post-harvest preparation, succession planting 
  • High-tunnel construction, maintenance, trellising 
  • Best garden management practices, season extension 
  • Sales, customer discovery, marketing 
  • Pest management, Disease management 

More Details 

Chain of Command 

Student Interns report directly to the Farm Coordinator for daily and weekly tasks, but ultimately report to the Cultiv8 Manager. For the purposes of developing special projects and learning objectives, Student Interns will report to the Cultiv8 Manager. 


We have two main channels of sales; our subscriptions and direct sales.

Farm Box Subscriptions - Our Farm Box Subscribers are the ones who have put the most faith in us (paid in advance for our products), and will pick up their vegetables once per week. 

Direct Sales – These sales happen once per week over three hours at the Cultiv8 Sales Shed.  This is the chance to really engage with customers.  We want them to feel welcome – to buy, to ask questions, to choose.  We want them to learn about Cultiv8 and Sustain by Cultiv8 so that we can build this initiative as an important part of our community. 


As a representative of Cultiv8, the Student Intern will participate and contribute to the Dal AC summer campus experience by hosting occasional tours/events involving community groups and visiting schools. 

Special Projects 

Interns will work with the Cultiv8 Manager to identify the area of special project which is of particular interest to them.  Up to 5 paid hours per week will be allocated to the special project. Project topics may include but are not limited to sales, marketing, surveying, sustainability, event hosting, etc., 


Most important to the outward-facing business persona of the Sustain by Cultiv8 Farm is how it appears to faculty, staff, students, industry and community. Showing up as a positive, helpful team is essential to the initiative. 


Nobody will operate any motorized machinery (weed trimmers, mowers, etc.,) without wearing steel-toed boots. It is recommended to wear steel-toed boots for all farm work. 

Applicable Safety training will be provided by Technician or Farm Coordinator should it be required. 

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